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The South African Knights

The Knights Club isn’t a club with courts, but a South African group which was founded in 1960. According to first Captain Kendal Jarvis ‘….with one object in view – to promote and encourage squash in general, but in particular to encourage junior squash’.

Every two years a group of young players, a ‘who’s who’ of the best South African players over the decades, toured Great Britain playing anything up to nearly 40 matches each trip. Each tour has been self-funded, except for a small contribution from the Knights Trust and other sponsors / donors. So far 29 tours have taken place, before the 2020/21 one falling victim to the Covid pandemic.

The first in 1961/62:

The 2019 squad: L to R Henning Holtzhausen, Hayden Worth, Tyrone Dial & Jonty Matthys.


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