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  • Datuk Nicol David

  • Thomas H Tarantino


Much of the main foundation of the Library has come from the collections of:

  • Ian Wright, who assiduously collected historical documents and publications over many years (with thanks to Jackie Robinson for storing the collection)

  • Andrew Shelley


Substantial contributions have also been received from:

  • Howard Harding

  • Steve Line

  • Alan Thatcher

  • ESF

  • PSA

  • WSF


The Library is also grateful for the selection of items or donations received from (amongst others):

  • Martin Bronstein

  • Andy Bunting

  • Alan Chalmers

  • Dean Clayton

  • Yvonne & Brian Cook

  • Stuart Courtney

  • Steve Cubbins

  • Heather Deayton

  • Bob Finch

  • Sarah Fitz-Gerald

  • Vic Flores

  • Ricki Hill

  • Mike Hughes

  • Hazel Jones

  • George Mieras

  • Mike Palmer

  • Mike Riley

  • Open Squash

  • Joseph Romanos

  • Ann Safwat

  • Susie Simcock

  • Craig Thorpe-Clark

…….. and to everybody else who has contributed any items to the Library.

Also to Steve Waters for his web-mastering. 

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